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The Clinical Clan must not PREVAIL

The Clinical Clan consists of two of the dumbest and most idiotic people ever to see the light of day.  Oh, and did I mention that one of them is an extreme madden fan who actually gets off by playing madden and other sports affiliated playstation games. 

Matt a.k.a. Clinical Clan A.  Matt is the dumbest thing that has ever been allowed to speak.  Not only can he not spell the word "cool" but he continuously engages in the most retarded conversions anyone has ever heard. 

Mike a.k.a Clinical Clan B.  Well there is only really one thing you can say about Mike and that is madden.  Jesus Christ, it's almost like he sleeps with John Madden on a daliy basis.  Not to mention when ever a girl goes within 20ft of mike it's like a total system shut down but I guess that can be said about both of the Clinical Clan.

John Madden
Thats just wrong!

Last Updated: 5/29/06

The Clinical Clan must not prevail